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news06/22/2016   (6 days ago)DanielPharos

Quake just turned 20!

Twenty years ago, Quake was first unleashed upon the world. Leaving nothing but death and destruction in its wake, we still feels its effects on video gaming today. And of course, without Quake, there would be no QuArK!

For this special occasion, Romero himself has posted some good ol' screenshots. Visit Romero's page!

Happy Quaking,

news06/25/2016   (3 days ago)DanielPharos

Why so much hate?

A few hours ago, ioquake3's Twitter account started spewing hate towards the Gamergate movement:

"What a surprise that people on the @ggautoblocker blocklist are talking about pirating Quake 3. So ethical."

And similar messages calling (now ex-)fans "assholes" have been going out. I have no idea if it's been hacked, but seeing that several ioquake3-related people are agreeing with the sentiments, I have to assume it's legit. Rest assured that QuArK has nothing to do with this kerfuffle, and all people (Gamergaters and others) are welcome here! As long as you play Quake, and use QuArK as your favorite editor! happy smiley

Safe Quaking,

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