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quarkWelcome to the official QuArK website!

Welcome to the official QuArK website!

QuArK stands for Quake Army Knife and is a game editor for Quake and many other games. It can edit maps and models, import sounds and textures, create pak-files and run compilers.

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news07/10/2013   (111 weeks and 5 days ago)DanielPharos

Look at that! QuArK 6.6.0 Beta 6!

What's this? Another release? Didn't see that one coming, did you?

We've decided to do a release to get some final bugfixes in there, and to integrate the patches from Beta 5 into one neat little package filled with pure awesomeness! Don't believe me? Here's the proof, in the form of a changelog:

Map Editor:

  • Fixed HL1 BSP MipTex saving.
  • Fixed SOF1 tools: they don't work with the proper slashes.
  • Moved some map options around to make them more findable, and to make them work again.

Model Editor:

  • Experimental (and quite incomplete) HL2 model exporter support.
  • Added Quake 1 and Hexen II Specific items for Model Root in the Model Editor.

See DONATORS.txt for people that made this release possible. Thank you all!

One final note: we tried adding Xonotic support, but they completely messed up the directory and file hierarchy to the point of insanity. So until those guys get their act together, QuArK won't be able to provide proper support for it. Sorry.

Enjoy, everyone! Have a great summer mapping and modelling all things Quake, with the best tool out there: QuArK 6.6.0 Beta 6!

Happy QuArK-ing,

news07/18/2012   (162 weeks and 5 days ago)DanielPharos

Last stop: QuArK 6.6.0 Beta 5!

Tying up the loose ends for QuArK 6, here's the last release in the pipeline! Yes, we're all sad that development has ceased, but without any developers, what else is there to do?

So, cherish these next changes:

Both Editors:

  • Added Entities and Textures add-ons for Quake 3 Smokin' Guns stand alone game.
  • Added mission pak support for Quake2 Knightmare.
  • Added mission pak support for Quake2 Zaero.
  • Added DOOM .wad file reading support, per user request. Note: Saving will output a Quake wad!
  • Fixed long-standing pointer corruption bug when loading poly faces. This allows the usage of a more advanced memory manager (FastMM), and this thus improves QuArK's performance!

Model Editor:

  • Improved bone support to handle game-specific bonetypes.
  • Setup component bbox vertex assignment support.
  • Updated Model Editor texture paint functions to do gray-scale and blue-scale for texture mapping and greatly improved airbrush function quality for fade in effect.
  • Added bone and bounding boxes support to Keyframe Linear Interpolation function.
  • Added export support for Half-Life 1 static and animation models with bones .mdl file types.
  • Added export support for MoHAA static and animation models .skd and .skc file types.
  • Added export support for Kingpin static and animation models .mdx file type.
  • Added export support for Heretic II static and animation models .fm file type.
  • Added support for BBoxes and updated the Kingpin importer to process its BBoxes.

See DONATORS.txt for people that made this release possible. Thank you all!

Well, I guess that's it for now... So don't forget to grab that last, latest, awesomest, most sparkly release of QuArK ever: QuArK 6.6.0 Beta 5!

Happy editing,

news05/21/2011   (223 weeks and 2 days ago)DanielPharos

Attention: QuArK 6.6.0 Beta 4 is ready for action!

We still had some unfinished business, so here's for your enjoyment:

The grand, sparkly new QuArK 6.6.0 Beta 4!

It comes with the usual batch of fixes, tweaks and improvements, but that's not all! Here's a short list of all the new goodies:

Both Editors:

  • Setup full game support for American McGee's - Alice along with version conversion tool for the BSP file.
  • Added NCF file loading support (for example: Alien Swarm).
  • Added VPK file loading support (for example: Left 4 Dead).
  • Adjusted for newest Steam release (QuArKSAS 1.02).
  • Fixed various Steam-related issues.
  • Update to GCF file loading. This should fix most "cannot find GCF file" type problems.
  • Added entity extraction from game map .bsp files for .qrk file creation of Conversion Tool system.

Map Editor:

  • Added experimental RMF file loading support; poly's only, no UV's or textures.

Model Editor:

  • Added model importers for Alice, EF2 and FAKK2 .skb, .ska and .tan models (static and animated) with bone and skin support.
  • Added model importer for Half-Life 1 .mdl models.
  • Added model importer for Half-Life 2 with mesh and animation support with bones, attachments and bbox movements.
  • Added model importer for Heretic II and .m8 as supported texture file type.
  • Added model importer for Kingpin MDX model format loading with animation and skin support (no bounding boxes though).
  • Added model importer for MoHAA .skd and .skc models (static and animated) with bone and skin support.
  • Added model importer for Quake1 .mdl, importing including textures and animations.
  • Added model exporters for Alice, EF2 and FAKK2 .skb mesh and .ska animated models with bone and skin support.
  • Added model exporters for Alice, EF2 and FAKK2 .tan models (static and animated), tags not supported at this time.
  • Added model exporter for Quake1 .mdl models.
  • Added model exporter for Quake3 .md3 model format exporting with tags, textures and shader files.
  • Big changes to Granny2 model importer: big speed and functionality improvements.
  • Updates and improvements to both the md5 importer and exporter including animation support.
  • Added a cameraview system, with search and hotkey functionality (like in the Map Editor).
  • Added new face cutting tool, for selected faces, like in the map editor with option to allow vertex separation.
  • Updating of Used Textures in the Model Editor Texture Browser for all imported skin textures and allow bones and Skeleton folder to be placed in Userdata panel for reuse with other models.
  • Added bounding boxes (hit boxes) and bone controls support used by for example Half-Life 1 and 2.
  • Major change of Skin-view Linear Handle selection and dragging system, massively improving drawing time.
  • Setup 'Auto Scaling' function for the Skin-view that resets the skin handles and Component's UV's to fit the currently selected and viewable skin texture of that Component.
  • Allow importing of model from main explorer File menu.
  • Massive improvement in material texture handling and animations.
  • Added Eye camera handle when in True 3D mode for easier navigation.
  • Allow obtaining textures dynamically in the Texture Browser.
  • Support to import model skin textures using addon .qrk file links.
  • Added new function to rescale Skin-view handles to current skin texture size.
  • Added option to only draw drag bones to speed up drag drawing if a lot of bones exist.
  • Massive performance improvement for bone corner handle dragging.

See DONATORS.txt for people that made this release possible. Thank you all!

So... What, you want an even longer changelog? Well, check out the details in the NEWS.txt file in the Official Super-duper brand new release of QuArK 6.6.0 Beta 4!

Happy editing,

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