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quarkWelcome to the official QuArK website!

Welcome to the official QuArK website!

QuArK stands for Quake Army Knife and is a game editor for Quake and many other games. It can edit maps and models, import sounds and textures, create pak-files and run compilers.

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news05/14/2016   (12 days ago)DanielPharos

New brushDef3 saving support, and fix for patchDef2 and patchDef3 subdivision saving

For those of you working on Doom 3, Prey, or Quake 4 maps, there's a nice sparkly new feature available in the latest nightly... brushDef3 saving support! Now, QuArK was already able to load them, and the games themselves were smart enough (just as QuArK is) to be able to load older brushDef formats, but some editors out there only support brushDef3 .map files for these games. So, in the spirit of improving interoperability with those overly strict editors, QuArK will now automatically output .map files in the brushDef3 for these games!

Additionally, an annoying bug was fixed where the subdivisions settings for patchDef2's and patchDef3's were getting reset to 1 when exporting.

Download this fancy new nightly build here, or read more about this new support in this forum thread.

Happy mapping,

news03/13/2016   (10 weeks and 4 days ago)DanielPharos

Website problems

SourceForge has been really bad lately, and especially the forum is down a lot, giving 500 Internal server errors. As this is SourceForge (our hoster) failing with their servers, there's not much I can do, so just try again later.sad smiley

Happy mapping,

news01/10/2016   (19 weeks and 4 days ago)DanielPharos

Nice Quake map compiler

I couldn't not mention this toolset I just stumbled upon: Jury-Rigged BJP Tools. As its description says, they are a modified version of Bengt Jardrup's Quake BSP Compiler suite, with added support for Detail-Brushes, Hint-Brushes, the BSP2 format, among other things.

Now, if you continue reading that website, you'll learn about some not-so-nice elements in our community. So here's what I want you to do: compile your Quake maps with these tools, and if you encounter trouble, give the tool's author feedback so he/she can fix the bugs. And if they work, send him/her a nice message. Seriously, with a community that's thinning as it is, we should all be getting along, instead of in-fighting like jealous children. (Belated Christmas spirit medium smiley)

Except of course when it comes to your choice of editor; then there is only one: QuArK! happy smiley

Happy compiling,

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