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quarkWelcome to the official QuArK website!

Welcome to the official QuArK website!

QuArK stands for Quake Army Knife and is a game editor for Quake and many other games. It can edit maps and models, import sounds and textures, create pak-files and run compilers.

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news11/29/2015   (3 days ago)DanielPharos

Progress on Windows Vista+ support

Progress update: I don't have much free time as of late, but I managed to get my idea for the OpenGL rendering workaround implemented, and it seems to work! I still need to do some more testing, and there's some other minor features that I want to implement as well, but it looks like the next version of QuArK will be have a working OpenGL renderer on Windows 8 and 10! Also, this removes the need to disable Aero on Windows Vista and 7! happy smiley

Additionally, I've cleaned up some code dealing with the camera rotation in the 3D window, and I think I got some of the jumping reduced. However, I noticed that some virtualization software messes with the mouse cursor location. For example, VMware ignores any attempt to reposition the mouse cursor. As this is critical to the way the 3D window works, the camera rotation ends up jumping in weird ways when running QuArK inside a VMware virtual machine. I suspect other virtualization software has similar issues. As this is not something that's easily fixed, and because it's the virtualization software breaking basic Win32 API, there's nothing I can do about that.

Happy QuArK-ing,

news09/26/2015   (9 weeks and 4 days ago)DanielPharos

Windows Vista and higher

I'm planning on getting QuArK working more smoothly on Windows Vista and higher. This includes some workarounds for internals issues with the OpenGL renderer, and some work to hopefully get QuArK working properly with the UAC.

I can't give an ETA yet, because I have no idea how involved this is all going to get. However, if you know of other things that are broken on Windows Vista and higher, please let me know through the forums so I can add them to the fix-list.

Happy QuArK-ing,

news09/24/2015   (9 weeks and 6 days ago)DanielPharos

Xonotic support still broken

Today I was reminded that we have no Xonotic support, but have in the past made an attempt to add it. However, that attempt failed, because the Xonotic developers are breaking the rules as to where textures should be placed, and QuArK doesn't support such shenanigans. Recently, a new version of Xonotic was released (version 0.8.1), so I checked it out: unfortunately, it's still broken.

So still no Xonotic support. sad smiley

Otherwise happy QuArK-ing,

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